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Our Stallions

Blueformer (USA) 1999
Sire: Dynaformer (1985)
Dam: Tangled Up In Blue (1989)
Endymion (USA) 2006
Sire: Tapit (2001)
Dam: Forever Young (USA) 1994
Sicotico (DOM) 2005
Sire: Blueformer (USA) 1999
Dam: Lump of Joy (USA) 1987
Tango Tales (USA) 2001
Sire: Tale of the Cat (1994)
Dam: Tango’s Mambo (USA) 1997
Trap Game (USA) 2014
Sire: Awesome Again (1994)
Dam: Tizamazing (USA) 2002
Uncle Brennie (USA) 2013
Sire: Uncle Mo (2008)
Dam: Moon Music (USA) 2007

Our Details

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